Get visitors to your website with Adwords

If you have a website or web shop, where the final goal is for visitors to buys something, then many factors determine if your website succeds.

For example, you have a thousand visitors on you website where a hundred of them buy your products. But if you have a thousand visitors and none of them buys any of your products, then you should do something about the conversion. Things like design, selling texts and “call to actions” are definitely important parameters.

However, you may have a website which works 100% in every field, but if you don’t have any visitors on your website then it doesn’t really matter. That is why you need a traffic to your website and a good amount of it.

Help, I need visitors to my page!

But how do you get visitors to your website or web shop?

Overall there are two methods to do that. Either they come as free traffic or paid traffic.

Free traffic means your visitors have found your website or web shop by organic search results on Google, or your visitors have clicked on a link to your website from another website. It can be Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

For paid traffic is when you pay the traffic and the visitors land on your website. There are many paid methods to get more visitors to your website, but one of the best and most effective is obviously Google AdWords.

What is AdWords?

Google AdWords is a product created by Google to make your website or web shop visible on Google. The traffic is generated by the relevant visitors to your website.

When you make a search on Google, you often see the written “advertisement” by some of the search result page. The advertisements are often placed at the top, in the right side and the bottom of the search result page. These advertisements are exactly what is called Google AdWords advertisements.

Why choose Google AdWords rather than free traffic?

It can be tempting to focus 100% on free traffic. It is free as the name sounds, so why spend money on something you can get for free?

The answer is that it’s not always easy to get a traffic on your website especially if you don’t know how to do it. At the same time, it requires a great working effort and the result is seldom given in advance. So you take a chance and put many working hours in the project without knowing how many visitors you would get.

Because of this, Google AdWords is a good alternative with advantages. You get a stable flow of visitors from day one. At the same time, you can decide how many visitors you want to have on your website or web shop. And you also have a control over the relevance of your visitors.

Does Adwords pays off?

The answer depends on your expertise in the field. It all counts when you earn more money on the sale of your products or services compared to how much you spend. So when you check your bank account there has to be plus. If this thing happens, this depends on how good your AdWords setup, AdWords optimization and your website conversions.

Take the advise of an AdWords expert

As you may already sense that there is a great part to acquire oneself and to experience. Therefore, it may also be a smart decision to get an online marketing agency which understands AdWords.

They can give advise, set up campaigns, and make AdWords optimization and maintenance. In reality, they can take care all of your AdWords, so you don’t have to think about it yourself. A real expert takes a price for his work with AdWords. In the end, a smart AdWords expert can make your campaign profitable after his salary is paid.

Use a Google Certificeret Adwords expert

With a Google Certified expert, you are guaranteed a high quality. This certified AdWords expert is always updated with the latest updates in AdWords optimization. So, he can achieve optimal results for you and your page.