Start a web shop – easy and convenient

When you consider to start a web shop, one of the first things you may think is: “What is the price of a web shop?” and “Oh no, I hope I can figure out all the technical things about the web shop…”

And yes, there are many things to think about, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming. Today, there are web shop systems where you don’t have to do all the difficult tasks. The only thing you have to focus on is managing your business.

And you can finally choose to buy a shop from an online marketing agency to the right web shop price. There are several agencies that can help you from the beginning to the end.

Web shop solutions

The range of web shop solutions are large. Here are some of the most popular examples on web shop solutions:

  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • WordPress e-commerce
  • Drupal Commerce
  • osCommerce
  • DanDomain
  • ScanNet
  • and many more…

Paid of free solution? What is the price of a web shop?

Some of the solutions are offered as paid solutions e.g. DanDomain and ScanNet paid solutions, where you pay a web shop price to have access to their shop solution on subscription basis. Typically you pay an amount every month which can vary depending on which type of shop solution you choose from DanDomain or ScanNet. You can choose to buy additional services which can be on top of the fixed price per month.

Shopify is another example of a paid solution. Besides subscription billing, they also take a percentage of each sale.

Examples of free solutions are e.g. Magento and Prestashop. They are free to get started and get online but you can also pay to get the different functions and plug-ins that can help you in different things.

Both Magento and Prestashop are high developed shop systems which offer many opportunitiess and flexibilities. They are up with the latest and are always updated and are further developed.

Web shop – the easy way

If you wish to start a web shop the easy way, Magento web shop and Prestashop are both good solutions.

Both of them are built on CMS systems. CMS stands for “Content Management System”. It means that you have possibility to control design, set-up and texts. You don’t need to know coding or have knowledge in other technical skills.

In other words, you can start right away. You can play and experiment your shop and build something up without bothering how all of it works together.

A professional web shop

At a time you may wish to be more serious about your shop. Both Magento web shop and Prestashop offers you many functions and possibilities which can seem overwhelming and confusing. So how can you set up your shop exactly as you wish and the right web shop price?

When it comes to the design, there are many pre-designed themes which can fit both your niche and taste. Either you get them for free or buy them. Normally the best designs are the ones that costs money.

If none of the many designs fits your shop and taste, then you can get your own design instead. Here you can grab a design and an online marketing agency. They can also help you to create an existing pre-designed themes.

Get a help to start a web shop

If you wish to get a help in starting an online store, there are many ways to get all the help you need. There are online marketing agencies that specializes in setting up and designing both Magento web shops and Prestashop.

At their agency, you can buy a shop and you often have the opportunity to choose solutions where you either take some of the work yourself or ask the agency to make all of it from the start to finish. This includes the set-up, design, set-up and so forth.

Often you can get them to write texts and product description. It is important that from the start, you make sure what the price of a web shop is.