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Today customers search primarily first on products and services online. Before, it was important to stand by the telephone book, but now, it is the online marketing that draw most customers in most business. One of the advantages, is that a sale situation has thus, moved closer. A couple of clicks is everything and it is possible for contact day and night.

What is online marketing and digital internet marketing? To us online marketing consists of an effective and visible website with easy management, which can ease your daily life and need for digital marketing online.

Good online marketing gives the right traffic

Do you have plenty of traffic but few customers? When it is worth to adjust your marketing on the internet. Because if your traffic comes by e.g. Google AdWords or Facebook advertisements, the wrong traffic can be an expensive costs. So you should not get many traffic but the right traffic.

This demands a thorough job with SEO and that you combine the tools like Google AdWords and Google Analytics so you can see why the customers don’t buy anything on your website. Moreover, the design and user-friendliness have to be optimized on your online marketing and yo your customers.

If many of your customers use smart phones, it has to be a responsive web design so we can make sure the website adapts the media format so the customer has a real chance to find the “Cart” button.

Online marketing has to be easy

To us online marketing is not about getting the right customers that would like to pay. It is about to make your website and internet marketing more efficient, so you get more out of your shop. Many of our clients have had good results with our web shop integration, where we have set-up their web shops to work directly together with among their economy-system.

This save them for working twice and reduce the possibilities for making mistakes so they can focus instead on the core business. Aside from that, we don’t want the online marketing to be difficult. Instead it should be easy to manage your website and if there should be any troubles, you always have access to support that you can understand.

Let us be responsible for your online marketing

We take daily care of online marketing for a long row of customers across various businesses. Because of that we know the mechanism and could give advise to you about e.g. a good flow of sale in a web shop or how your website gets more relevant searches.

Our workers here are Google certified which can save your budget for a lot of money. We work with user-friendliness and deliver a design that is simple and clear. We move the customer in the right direction. You can integrate your economy-system, your social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as get a blog, if you wish.

Furthermore we collaborate with e.g. DanDomain so your online marketing is secure, stable hosting and protected.

Overall we are ready – all of our 15 men together with our freelancers and collaborators – to deliver the exact online marketing solution and digital marketing that fits you and your budget.

If you are in this situation and would like to perform online marketing to your company, it is a good idea to take hold of a professional online marketing agency.

What can an online marketing help with?

They can help you in all aspects of online marketing. This includes:


  • You can choose to buy a web shop and get it done by an online marketing agency. In this way you can secure that it is professionally done with different parameters included e.g. user-friendliness, SEO, professional design, and so forth.

Web shop

  • Do you wish a web shop? Then an online marketing agency can help from the beginning to the end. There are different solutions of web shop system and we can advise you to choose the optimal solution according to your needs and budget.


  • SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. In Search Engine Optimization, your online marketing agency is working to get your website or web shop on the top in search engine like Google and Bing.


  • An online marketing agency can help you set-up, maintain and optimize your AdWords campaigns same as your digital marketing. A discipline which for the most DIY people demand some knowledge which why it is smart to get a help by a marketing agency.


  • Facebook company pages and Facebook advertising have become more popular type of online marketing. You have the possibilities to target your ads very precisely to your target audience for millions of people are online on Facebook every day.


  • If you need texts for your website, SEO texts or product descriptions to your web shop then an online marketing agency can help you. They often have affiliated writers who specialises in writing sales texts and texts focusing on internet marketing.

Choose the right agency for your online marketing

The goal with online marketing should always be that you collaborate with your chosen online marketing agency to get profit on your end. Concurrently, an online marketing agency helps you to focus on other parts of your business while they are responsible of your online marketing area.
There are oceans of online marketing agencies but you can not be sure that all of them are good or fit to your company. Here are three tips you can think of in choosing an online marketing agency.

3 tips in choosing an online marketing agency

  1. Do your proper research. When you choose a digital marketing agency, you should not only read the agency’s recommendations and reviews on their own website. They surely have only selected the best of most positive reviews. Do your own research and search, for example, their company name on Google and see what others have written about the agency. If you are a bit more outgoing, you may contact a former customer of the agency and ask about their experiences with the online marketing agency.
  2. Do you fit together? The chemistry should be there in a collaboration, so call the online marketing agency and talk to them. It is important that you feel they listen to your wishes and needs, but at the same time, do not just talk without any objectives. If you are a small newly established company and considers an online marketing agency who has big clients, then you should think twice in choosing this agency. There’s a risk that you don’t get the same priority like their big clients do. In the contrary, if you own a big company then a small online marketing agency can risk in challenges because they don’t have enough people to perform the job.
  3. Get a written contract! To minimize the risk in your collaboration about online marketing and toss your money out of the window in the end, be certain to get the details to the contract on your collaboration written on the paper.

There are more examples that customers commit for 6, 12 or more months in a contract but with some repercussions. If you realizes after two months that your online marketing agency doesn’t do the good service for the day or the quality of their work is poor, then it’s too long time to be committed on a 12 months’ irrevocable contract.

However, many marketing agencies demand that you commit for a certain period so make sure that you read the contract thoroughly and possibly make an agreement through a back door with them where you can withdraw if they don’t achieve some certain satisfactory goals along the way.

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