Hire our SEO Expert

Hire our SEO expert

When you hire our SEO expert at Danish Marketing, you get one regular day a week where our SEO expert works for you. Each day that we work for you, we send a report with information of the day’s work at the end of business hours. That way you are able to follow any updates or even request certain changes, if for instance you want to highlight a specific product/service.

We also provide a regular contact person in Denmark, to whom you can direct inquiries, if you should have any questions regarding your solution with us.

You can frequently prioritize either our SEO expert or the contact person in Denmark.

Hiring our SEO expert to optimize your website or webshop allows you to focus on your business, and more importantly, your customers.

Set-up fee is £ 500.-

With this solution, you get:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Meta keyword
  • Implementation of texts
  • Professional copywriting
  • Internal link building
  • Ongoing external link building
  • Regular contact person
  • Reports weekly at the end of a work day
  • Statistics
  • Visibility report every month
  • Unlimited keywords

Choose on the right hand side drop-down menu how many months you would like our SEO expert to work for you.

(Price varies according to the length of the binding period, while set-up fee is constantly £ 500.-)

Hire our SEO Expert

Hire our SEO expert: *

£ 500.00
Action Plan for Hire our SEO Expert:
  • Your company receives a starting invoice for payment within 8 days.
  • We contact you and begin the keywords analysis.
  • The keywords get approved and sent to a professional copywriter. (50 texts are inclusive in the price. £20 in one time amount per extra texts of 250 words).
  • The texts are sent to your company for approval.
  • You submit your login to your website, preferably with FTP access.
  • The texts are implemented on your website/web shop.
  • The first visibility report is sent to you.
  • We work regularly for 7.5 hours per week on your solution and send a report with information of the tasks done in a day’s work.
  • Your contact person will contact you regularly for an update of your solution.

Billing and Payment Procedure:

  • Upon acceptance of the 1 month agreement, 1 month of service is billed.
  • Upon acceptance of the 3 months agreement, 3 months of service is billed.
  • Upon the acceptance of either the 6 or 12 months agreement, respectively, invoices are billed every 3 months.