Affordable SEO Services & SEO Packages

It is recommended to know and find out what can any affordable SEO services and SEO packages offer to your business. Other sources may suggest with their conclusive points for you not to consider any cheap SEO services and/or SEO packages. However, not all cheap SEO services and SEO packages have limited benefits to your business. For there are other few, yet with great services that can meet your goals and deliver great results.

With years of experience in SEO services, we are proud to express that we deliver high quality SEO services yet affordable and practical that can improve the online presence of your website and thereby improve its traffic from your target market. We are assertive to produce a result that satisfies our customers.

We offer an affordable SEO services

We, at Danish Marketing, offer several and affordable SEO services according to the number of keywords our customer may choose to be provided for. We accommodate from small to medium and larger size companies that may need effective yet affordable SEO services. Each of our solutions typically includes keywords analysis that is applicable to your website, professional copywriting, page title, meta description, on-page and off-page optimization, a regular contact person and several more that have something to do with the optimization of your website.

One solution in our SEO services is the SEO No Cure No Pay, where payment is based from the results after your website is ranked on the top page of Google results. It is a solution with keywords phrases, which is a combination of keywords. It also includes the opportunity to get the geograhical location of your target audience.

Another solution is our SEO No Cure No Pay Plus. It has almost the same features as the SEO No Cure No Pay, except that this solution offers a competitive single keyword that is occasionally searched by your potential target audience. Both the SEO No Cure No Pay and SEO No Cure No Pay Plus solutions require a deposit to secure the payment for the service rendered by the Danish Marketing.

Then we have the SEO Professional with a number of keywords that range from 5 to 50 words. Aside from this, you also get an efficient SEO copywriting and link building, visibility report, a regular contact person and more. These are just some of the things you can get in this solution.

We also have the SEO Enterprise solution that utilizes the middle and difficult type of keywords. This means that these keywords are in a bigger nationwide competition. However, this solution is also applicable for easy keywords that bring fast results and produce a consistent top ranking on Google search result page.

Moreover, we also offer the option for your company to hire our SEO experts’ service. With this solution, our SEO experts work for you for one regular day per week and send a comprehensive report with regards to the progress of the tasks accomplished at the end of a day’s work. In addition to that, we provide you a regular contact person in Denmark for follow-up so you have a direct access to the status and progress done for your website.

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